La extraordinar…

La extraordinaria diversidad biogeográfica del antiguo Reino de Granada se puede formular de distitintas maneras, incluida la poética:

«The ancient kingdom of Granada, into which we are about to penetrate, is one of the most mountainous regions of spain. Vast sierras, or chains of mountains, destitute of shrub or tree, and mottled with variegated marbles and granites, elevate their sun-burnt summits against a deep-blue sky; yet in their rugged bosoms lie engulfed the most verdant and fertile valleys, where the desert and the garden strain for mastery, and the very rock is, as it were, compelled to yield the fig, the orange, and the citron, and to blossom with the myrtle and the rose.», Washington Irving, 1834. The Alhambra, or the New Sketch Book.

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